Current Features (latest version is HomerHEVC_v2.0):

  • Multiplatform (Linux,Windows)
  • 8 bit-depth
  • Intra and Baseline and Main profile (I, IPP.., IBP..)
  • Multiple references for IPP…
  • All intra prediction modes
  • 2Nx2N and NxN inter prediction modes
  • All prediction sizes (64,32,16,8,4)
  • All transform sizes (32,16,8,4)
  • Half pixel and quarter pixel precission motion estimation.
  • Rate Control Modes: Fixed QP, CBR (Constant Bit Rate), and VBR (Variable Bit Rate)
  • Deblocking filter
  • SAO (Sample Adaptive Offset)
  • Wpp and Frame based parallelization for massive parallelism
  • Sign hiding bit enabled
  • Intra RDO
  • Intra-inter fast RD

Current SSE42 optimizations (intrinsics):

  • Intra prediction
  • Motion estimation
  • Inter prediction and biprediction with 1/8 pixel chroma precission
  • Intra Prediction
  • Reconstruction
  • SAD, SSD
  • Transforms
  • Quantization
  • SAO (Sample Adaptive Offset)

Upcoming features:

  • Multiple P reference frames
  • B frames

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